Jovana Matić - Manager, Certified accountant

Jovana Matić

Jovana has over 11 years of extensive experience in accounting, finance, payroll and outsourcing.

She started her accounting career and specialization at a small accounting agency where she gained enough operational knowledge, afterwards deciding to further improve her professional development and earned the title of Certified Licensed Accountant. In the period from 2012 to 2019, she:

– Independently managed financial and accounting operations for companies, associations and entrepreneurs,

– Was involved in cash flow planning and management,

– Prepared financial statements in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on Accounting and Audit (IFRS for SMEs),

– Prepared plans and annual budgets for internal and external management needs,

– Was in charge of VAT calculation, as well as compiling and filing VAT returns,

– Cooperated with the tax administration, banks and other responsible authorities,

– Followed the legal regulations in the field of accounting and taxes in the Republic of Serbia.

In 2019, she joined Nexia Star and became Head of Accounting, Payroll and Outsourcing.

With her team, she constantly delivers high-quality professional service, not only in bookkeeping but in comprehensive accounting, which includes bookkeeping, accounting planning, accounting analysis, accounting control and accounting information.

Jovana holds BSc degree in Organizational Sciences, and is a Chartered Accountant, specialized for delivering quality and comprehensive accounting services.


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