Cookie policy

This site may use cookies and this section provides information on how they are used and how you can control whether they are kept or deleted.

Information transferred from a website on your computer disk called “cookies”. These are not computer programs, even small information files that allow sites to store and use information about how a user visits.

Most sites use cookies because they are part of a set of tools that helps people use the Internet. Cookies allow websites to provide personalized services (for example, memorizing logins, keeping the product in the basket or displaying relevant content).

There are several types of cookies: temporary cookies (or session cookies) are deleted when the browser to turn off; Persistent cookies are not deleted automatically, but will remain until they are deleted intentionally or until their expiry date (which depends on the validity of the site is programmed cookie).

Most browser is set to automatically accept cookies. You can disable cookies in your browser, but remember that in this case you can be denied for a number of functions needed to make a website work properly. For more detailed information about cookies visit site containing detailed and independent information on how to disable cookies in your browser settings and how to delete cookies already present in the computer.