About us

Nexia Star Ltd, a member of Nexia International, the audit – consulting company backed by the experience that has been lasting for almost two decades, as well as the reputation and expertise of partners and employees, a series of successful engagements and a lot of satisfied customers Nexia Star Ltd is a reliable business partner that provides highly professional services in the field of audit and services related to audit, business consulting and tax consulting.

Our relationship with customers is more than just a business relationship: our goal is to understand the people, not just their job, and to build long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We treat our customers with respect and we have highly developed ethical principles regarding the exchange of information and mutual consultation.

Companies are exposed to various risks at all stages of development and operations. Nexia Star Ltd provides audit services, as well as other assurance services, designed to identify and manage risks and adapt to business risks arising in all business sectors.

IFRS continue to represent a major challenge to the person who prepares the financial statements, as well as the users of the financial statements. The expertise and experience of our employees in the application of IFRS provide high level of security in the provided services.

In the audit engagement, our objectivity, independence and integrity play a key role in establishing the quality of the provided services. Our professional skills improve the focus of the work, as well as our report utility.

The philosophy of Nexia Star’s personalized customer service has proven a direct and active participation of partners and senior managers in each engagement. Open lines of communication, ethical standards, integrity, independence and technical excellence are considered key features for providing quality services in line with customer’s expectations and determined level of services.

The accounting standards can be ambiguous, and do not cover all individual circumstances. Nexia Star’s team has significant expertise in the interpretation of the reporting standards. By working closely with our clients we are able to develop the optimum solution for a situation where the customer is located, without compromising the requirement for reporting or our own standards.

The Nexia Star’s client base includes local and international organizations, in private ownership, as well as companies whose shares are listed on the stock exchange, government organizations, investment funds and other organizations covering a wide range of services and industry.

We provide services in the fields of:

  • Audit and audit related services,
  • Tax consultancy
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting services.

The auditor is the ideal person for all the challenges that we face in terms of internal control, risk management, implementation and use of new IFRS and accompanying interpretations that you may not favour, and the use is not yet mandatory. In the team we have accountants, tax consultants and appraisers of various specialties.

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