Audit and audit related services

Audit of financial statements

Independence, objectivity, professionalism, expertise and implementation of ethical standards are critical traits that we possess. When the personal touch is added to all of this, helping customers to improve the system of internal controls and the quality of financial reporting, it is clear that our engagement adds value to the overall profitability of the client.

The trust of the external users of the auditor’s report is of paramount importance and it acquires many years of dedicated work and image building, which gives you a high level of reliability.

Review and compilation of financial statements

As a result of interventions from auditors, we preventively recognize risks in your business. This way, through proper understanding, we participate in your plans for the future.

Due diligence

With our extensive analysis conducted by auditors, tax and legal advisors, we can help you with making investment decision regarding selling or buying targeted entity’s equity.

Cost verification

As auditors, we audit appropriately spent funds in accordance with the contract between the donor and the beneficiary, contributing to a higher degree of trust between the donor and the beneficiary.

IFRS application

If you have any dilemmas when it comes to applying financial reporting standards, we can fully support you in understanding, training, and implementation, regarding the entity’s obligation to comply with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards in accordance with the Law on Accounting.

IT services

Considering the significance and importance of information systems, as well as raising the level of overall functioning of an entity, we have developed information systems audit service. With the involvement of our IT experts, you get important inputs on ranking optimization resources and establishing optimal management of resources. We work effectively to identify and correct deficiencies in the organization. Our wish is to be a part of your future plans, so we provide advisory services for proper data security and integrity.


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