Advisory and consulting

We provide customers with highly skilled, professional and thoughtful advisory services adjusted to the specific circumstances and needs of each individual client.

Achieving your goals require analysis and comparison of different development options and way of doing business, based on various advisory services: analysis of historic performance, assistance in developing business plans, investment studies, market analysis, and comparative advantages, as well as further development possibilities financed either by own resources, or finding strategic or financial partners, entering new markets, acquisition or merging with other companies, financial restructuring and a variety of other possible alternatives.

  • Preparing the Company for a strategic & investment partner and support in negotiations
  • Assistance in preparing a business plan or feasibility study of investments with consideration of a number of possible scenarios, and for different purposes
  • Valuation of equity stake or shares for various purposes i.e. analysis of how much your business is worth today or could it be worth in other circumstances in accordance with international standards for evaluation
  • Valuation of assets for financial reporting, sales, collateral and other purposes in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards for assessment
  • The allocation of the purchase price after the acquisition for the purposes of financial reporting
  • Testing of a possible impairment of assets and goodwill for the purposes of financial reporting
  • Financial restructuring, which includes an analysis of the previous operations, the analysis of the capacity of debt payments with the comparison of different alternatives, presentation and proverbs with creditors
  • Risk management services – Effective and consistent risk management gives you and your employees the confidence they need to focus on achieving key business goals for your company. With every risk comes opportunity. For such reason, leading organizations thoroughly evaluate and valuate their risk portfolio and invest appropriate resources to be able to identify and manage key risks more effectively than competitors. For such organizations, effective risk management is an essential function of management.


Mihailo Aleksić, CFA