Our values

We strongly believe that in the overall period of unfair competition, quality as a parameter is the only category that can make a difference.

The auditor is not only the “boring” one that comes to you, usually usurp your office, stop the current tasks that you have and criticize, criticize and criticize. What we want for you is that your auditor is the mediator for you, the person who will inform all third interested parties – banks, tax authorities, state, potential investors, clients on your financial statements in a way to its judgment, assessment and understanding that has value on the market.

Further, the auditor is someone who needs to understand a fine layering in the organization of his/her client, to succeed to create a network of interaction between all hierarchies, to detect potential defects and to try to find a conceptual solution to your company.

Also, the auditor is like a “small mobile encyclopedia”. We need to know all kinds of stuff, a wide range of domestic and international legislation, especially when the current changes. The auditor can help you the best way to understand what it is that’s legally expected from you and which module is the best for implementing innovation.

The auditor has a back pack that brings to each of his/her involvement, based on an identical ethical, international and national standards, but each engagement is completely unique and requires unique approach, for to understand what are the figures in the balance sheet, auditor must understand much broader picture of the client’s business, organization and segregation of duties in your company, from the essence of your business and industry sectors, through all external factors that surround you, to the flow of documentation an accounting ruse.

Exclusively and only in this way a comprehensive approach can lead to a real knowledge of what your auditor emits in the ether, and it is usually presented only in the two pages of the Report, (of course less is better because of the opinion). So the only thing, visible and tangible is the audit report, but it is not certainly all the work that your auditor performed, neither enthusiasm, neither the effort to perceive what is audited through more aspects.

We have already mentioned above what such an approach entails, but what many people do not know is that your auditor has a comprehensive curious approach to eternal skepticism – that is given to us in the economic genetic record, and which allows your auditor to seek answers from multiple angles, combining them with experiential knowledge, considering all the important questions of the aspects of future opportunities and benefits. Your auditor is a stable business platform, a mediator and a charmer in economic conditions. Use him/her in the best possible way.

We want to have more than just a business relationship, we would like to understand better our business associates as people, not just their job and we want to run together in the future on the platform of long-term bonds as a base for mutual respect and trust.